Traffic problems to start at noon as holiday makers return home

traffic jam Simon Forsyth, Flickr

Travelers' association ANWB expects busy roads in the Netherlands on Monday due to returning holiday makers, a number of events, and rainy weather. Traffic will start piling up around noon, according to the ANWB.

Many Dutch spent the Pentecost long weekend away. In the Netherlands, along the coast, the Wadden islands, and the Veluwe were popular destinations, according to RTL Nieuws. Germany, Belgium and France also drew many Dutch tourists for the holiday weekend. 

On top of the holiday traffic, there were also a number of events in the Netherlands over the weekend, including Pinkpop, the North Sea Regatta, and the Pinksterraces in Zandvoort. 

The weather may also cause traffic problems. While the day started out with sunshine breaking through the cloud cover, rain is expected in the afternoon, according to Weerplaza. Maximum temperatures will range between 18 degrees on the Wadden to 24 degrees in the east of the Netherlands. 


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