Petition to teach first aid at school gets 50,000 signatures

A petition by the Red Cross to give all high school pupils first aid lessons was signed by more than 50 thousand people. According to the Red Cross, teenagers and young people want to help victims of a car accident for example, but they know too little about how to do it and are therefore afraid. If they are taught first aid at school, helping becomes easier, NOS reports.

A group of doctors united in Schock & Pomp - an organization that provides first aid courses - supports the Red Cross action. "Learning to care for each other is useful for so many reasons", doctor Bernard Leenstra said to NOS. "It is now up to politicians to ensure that pupils have the opportunity to learn this."

The 50 thousand signatures mean that this citizens' initiative can be put on the political agenda, for which a petition needs to get at least 40 thousand signatures. When the petition will be handed to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, is not yet clear. 


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