One trapped, seven hurt in Munich-Amsterdam bus crash

A Flixbus bus on its way from Munich to Amsterdam collided with a truck in Germany during the early hours of Wednesday morning. Seven people were injured, three of whom seriously. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can not yet say whether any of the victims are Dutch, RTL Nieuws reports.

The accident happened on the A5 highway near Karlsruhe at around 2:00 a.m. A total of 46 people were on the bus when the accident happened. One person was trapped on the bus and had to be freed by firefighters. This victim and two others were critically hurt, according to a police statement. Three people sustained moderate injuries and one sustained minor injuries. 

A local news source said at noon that 15 people were injured in total, citing a police source. 

According to the initial police statement, the truck driver may have caused the accident by swerving into traffic after noticing that the parking lot he wished to enter was blocked by another truck. The bus could not get out of the way, due to traffic on the other lanes. 

A spokesperson for Flixbus told that the injured are currently receiving medical attention. They were transported to a hospital in Weingarten The drivers of the bus and truck are among the injured, according to the newspaper. The people who did not get hurt were taken to a hall near Weingarten, where they were later picked up by a replacement bus.

Flixbus is currently doing its own internal investigation and also cooperating with the German authorities in their investigation into the accident.