Former Univ. Amsterdam leader investigated for plagiarism

University of Amsterdam
University of AmsterdamPhoto: sergio_pulp/DepositPhotos

The University of Amsterdam asked an external committee to investigate former rector Dymph van den Boom for possible violations of the rules for scientific integrity. The former rector's work will be reviewed for any suspicious text that could be the result of plagiarism, reports.

The investigation was prompted by an investigation by NRC. According to the newspaper, Van den Boom extensively used text that was not properly cited throughout her her academic work and her role as an administrator.

NRC called this suspicion of plagiarism alarming. As rector of the University of Amsterdam, Van den Boom implemented various measures to tackle plagiarism. This included strict rules regarding students accused of plagiarism, and a mandate that all dissertations submitted be scanned for plagiarized text. 

The University of Amsterdam told that the external committee will investigate whether Van den Boom violated the rules for scientific integrity in her opening speeches and dissertations. "It goes without saying that due care must be taken above all else. We will only take a position after proper and independent investigation has been conducted, in line with the VSNU's code of conduct for scientific integrity", the university said.