#MeToo foundation to take Dutch rappers to court: report

The Music#MeToo foundation is taking a number of Dutch rappers, their management and record labels to court in an attempt to tackle misogyny in the Dutch hip-hop world. The foundation, which was established in February, is not so much bothered about the rappers' misogynistic lyrics, but by their behavior, AD reports.

The foundation referred to rapper Boef calling women 'kechs', which means 'whores', in a Snapchat video last year and Frenna being convicted in Suriname for having sex with a minor and filming it. Music#MeToo submitted a request for a preliminary witness hearing against Ali B's management agency Spec, record label Top Notch, and American music company Warner Music Group.

If the court agrees to this hearing, it will then be assessed whether a civil lawsuit can be filed. 

According to the foundation, they want to stop "unwanted sexualization and sexual abuse within the music industry". The chairman decided on this action after her daughter was assaulted at an office party where hip hop was playing, according to the newspaper. The Public Prosecutor is investigating this incident.