Dutch rapper dropped from ads, festivals after calling women whores

Dutch rapper Boef's performances at several festivals, and his cooperation with Coorendon, were canceled following a commotion surrounding vlogs he posted early this week. The 24-year-old rapper called women who gave him a lift home whores. 

The organizers for festivals Paaspop and Muze Missie decided to drop Boef from their lineup. "For Paaspop, visitors have the highest priority. They come to the festival to celebrate, party, fraternize and have a carefree times for three days and nights. Tensions due to a controversial show do not fit in with that", Paaspop said in a statement. The organizers added that hip-hop fans can still enjoy other top acts that will be performing at the festival.

Muze Missie was the first festival to drop the rapper from its lineup. "From the very first moment, the festival organization contacted the manager of the rapper to discuss replacement with another artist", the organizers said on Facebook. "Muse Missie hopes to offer a suitable alternative for the many, often young fans of Boef, which we now have to disappoint."

GOfun Partyvakanties - the youth branch of travel agency Corendon - canceled its collaboration with Boef. GOfun organizes party holidays at various international destinations, and Boef was set to perform at a number of these. These gigs have now been canceled. 

"The GOfun target group consists of young people and therefore also many young girls. Boef was set to perform for them at several gigs at holiday destinations", a spokesperson said to newspaper AD. "We finally concluded that Boef's statements are difficult to reconcile with our responsibility for the large group of young people who have booked their summer vacation with us."

Qmusic DJ Mattie Valk announced that he will no longer play Boef's music. "Boef exists by the grace of young girls and he is now breaking down these same girls. Sanctimonious and hypocritical", he said on Wednesday, according to AD. Belgian DJ Karolien Debecer also announced a boycott. "In the Middle Ages they had more respect for women than you do. Apologies or not, I will not be playing your on the radio", she said on Twitter. 

Boef, real name Sofiane Boussaadia, started this commotion on Tuesday when he posted a vlog calling three young women who gave him a lift 'whores'. He then made it worse with another vlog in which he called all women in clubs with alcohol and short skirts whores.

This led to a flood of furious reactions, with many people offering festival tickets for sale on social media because Boef was still performing there. 

He apologized, but a day later accused people of trying to ruin his reputation. "Dear people, there is a lot of fuss about the mistake I made and that is fine, its inexcusable", he said on Instagram. "But I am also getting thousands of racist reactions from people who don't begrudge me anything. Now they're using my mistake to destroy me and even literally wish me dead!"