Dutch rapper apologizes for calling women whores

Dutch rapper Boef apologized for calling three women who gave him a lift on New Year's morning 'whores' in two vlogs, NOS reports.

The 24-year-old man, real name Soufiane Boussaadia, got a flat tire on New Year's morning and then got a lift from three women. In a video posted on Snapchat about the experience, Boef called the women 'kechs', which means whores in Dutch street language, according to the broadcaster.

The video was met with criticism on social media. Boef responded with another video. "I made a few people angry because I said kechs. But what are you doing in a club with alcohol, short skirts, at eight o'clock in the morning?" he said in the video. "If you sit at home, do nothing all day, study, are sweet, this and that, listen to Mom and Dad, I'll call you a woman. But if you are a kech, don't get angry if I call you a kech. Because you are a kech."

In a third vlog posted on Instagram on Tuesday, Boussaadia apologized. He said that the first vlog was made in a drunken mood. "It is stupid and sorry for all the women I've offended." he said.