Dutch King invited Trump to visit NL

Pete Hoekstra and Donald Trump, Oct 2016
Pete Hoekstra and Donald Trump, Oct 2016Photo: @petehoekstra / Twitter

King Willem-Alexander "very recently" invited U.S. president Donald Trump to come to the Netherlands to commemorate the country's liberation, government information service Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst confirmed to the Telegraaf.

The intention is that Trump will visit the Netherlands in August, for the commemoration of the battle of the Schelde in Terneuzen. That battle played an important role in the liberation of the Netherlands and Belgium 75 years ago. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Mark Rutte also suggested that Trump may visit in August.

Pete Hoekstra, the American ambassador in the Netherlands, confirmed to RTL that the Dutch King asked Trump to visit. "The president has received the invitation", he said.

The chance of Trump actually paying a visit is still considered small, but usually a Dutch monarch only sends an invitation when the recipient is open to accept it, according to the broadcaster.

A Dutch collector owns an American D-Day flag, which he wants to give to the United States. But only if the American president comes to collect it. 


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