Video: Nouri family honored at Ajax celebration

Ajax dedicated its 34th Eredivisie title to their fallen teammate Abdelhak Nouri, known affectionately as 'Appie'. The young Ajax footballer, who played with number 34 on his jersey, sustained severe brain damage when he went into cardiac arrest during a match in 2017.

Appie's father and brother were at the celebration on Museumplein in Amsterdam on Thursday, at the team's invitation. They were presented with the Eredivisie trophy. Appie was cheered for by the crowd as if he personally was responsible for the party. "Nouri, Nouri, Nouri, Nouri", they chanted. And later: "We love you Nouri we do, we love Nouri, we do, oh Nouri we love you!"

According to his father, this national title is Appie's dream come true. "We are Ajax, we are the best!" he said. And the crowd went wild.