Former psych patient suspected in attempted rape in Amsterdam

Police guard in a detention center
Police guard in a detention center. (Photo: Politie)

A 27-year-old man who is suspected of an attempted rape at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam in April, was living in an assisted living institution at the time, was revealed during a hearing on Monday. In September 2016, the man was convicted of a sex crime and sentenced to prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment, reports.

The attempted rape happened on April 12th. On that day the man was allowed to go outside the institution unsupervised, according to the newspaper.

The police are currently investigating a number of incidents in the vicinity of the NDSM wharf. The city of Amsterdam recently announced that it is installing surveillance cameras in the area due to a high number of incidents including rape, burglary and muggings, and attempts thereto.

It is not known whether the 27-year-old man is suspected in any other incidents in the area. He was remanded into custody for another 60 days.