Prosecutor again accidentally shares photo of key witness: report

Scales of justice and gavel on law book
Scales of justice and gavel on law book. (Photo: tomloel/DepositPhotos)

The Public Prosecution Service again inadvertently distributed a photo of a key witness in a major criminal case. This time it was a photo of Tony de G., the key witness in a major case against organized crime. He made incriminating statements against some of the leaders of outlaw motorcycle gang Caloh Wagoh, AD reports.

De G is suspected of assassinating Jair Wessels in July 2017. Late last year, the Prosecutor announced that the 34-year-old man agreed to testify in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Photos of De G. were accidentally included in a file provided to the court and the lawyers of suspects De G. testified against, according to AD. These lawyers and suspects already know what De G. looks like, so according to the Prosecutor, nothing was shared that was not already known. 

The Prosecutor did acknowledge that this should not have happened. The Public Prosecution Service said it regrets the course of events and talked to De G.'s lawyer about what happened. 

This is not the first time that the Prosecutor accidentally shared the photo of a key witness. In April an photo of Nabil B. accidentally ended up in the criminal file of suspected murderers. B. is key witness in a major case revolving around Ridoun Taghi, suspected of orchestrating a large number of underworld assassinations. B. is under strict security, for fear of reprisals from the circle around Taghi. His brother was murdered less than a week after the Prosecutor announced B. turned witness.