Judicial blunder: Key witness' photo in files of all suspects around wanted fugitive

The Public Prosecution Service made a huge blunder. A photo of the most important key witness in the case against Ridouan Taghi, the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands, ended up in the criminal files of all suspects around Taghi, the Prosecutor confirmed to RTL Nieuws after reports in the Telegraaf. 

The police photo of Nabil B. ended up in the files of suspects who are on trail on Thursday for involvement in multiple underworld assassinations. The main suspect in the case is fugitive Ridouan Taghi.

Nabil B. is under very heavy security, because of concerns of retaliations from the criminals he testified against. He is in custody in a special, heavily protected wing of a detention center. Last year, Nabil B.'s brother Reduan was murdered in Amsterdam. The Prosecutor believes that this was done in retaliation for Nabil B.'s testimony, and that "the group around Taghi" was behind the murder. 

"The photo was included in the file unintentionally. And therefore an error. Publication entails risks. The Public Prosecution Service regrets this course of action", a spokesperson for the National Prosecutor's Office told RTL Nieuws.