Drier, sunnier weather ahead

A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018
A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

While the weather has been wet, cold and gloomy over the past days, a change is heading for the Netherlands. The coming days will be sunnier and dryer, and temperatures may even climb to 20 degrees late next week, according to Buienradar. 

Friday and Saturday will still be cool with afternoon temperatures between 13 and 14 degrees, Buienradar meteorologist Alfred Snoek said to RTL Nieuws. The south of the country will still get a lot of rain, but Groningen and Friesland can expect dry weather. The northern provinces will remain dry in the coming days, with the rest of the country getting a shower here and there. "That is part of the Netherlands", Snoek said.

Mother's Day on Sunday will be a "nice day", Snoek expects. It will still be on the cold side, with maximums climbing to between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. But there will be plenty of sunshine. 

The nice weather will continue after the weekend. "For a few days it will be properly dry and sunny", the weatherman said. "Then we'll finally get normal temperatures for the time of year. We just have to be patient. Maybe we can touch 20 degrees somewhere in the south or east of the Netherlands at the end of next week."