Hardcore Ajax fans threaten journalists: report

Ajax football flag Amsterdam
The flag of Amsterdam football club Ajaxrendering: alexeynovikov / DepositPhotos

The F-Side, the hardcore of Ajax supporters, warned the Telegraaf and other media to stop filming supporters around matches. This follows a Telegraaf reporter and cameraman being attacked when they filmed F-Side supporters before the match between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur in London on Tuesday, NOS reports.

In a statement on the F-Side website, the hardcore supporters say that they do not want to be filmed because many supporters call in sick to work so that they can attend the Ajax matches. "We said to fuck off with your camera often enough (...) Then happens what we could all have seen coming, an F-Sider does what he has to. Makes sure that the sensation-press stops filming! The next day the hangover comes and the whole whimpering Netherlands is 'stunned' by the incident!"

The media are warned to leave the F-Siders alone during upcoming matches. "From now on, you are fair game!", the F-Side wrote, according to NOS. The message on the site has since been adjusted to remove the threat to journalists.

The Telegraaf journalist and cameraman pressed charges in both Amsterdam and London. 


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