A73 highway closed over "substances" in crashed car

Traffic cone (Photo: Gorkaazk/Wikimedia Commons)Traffic cone (Photo: Gorkaazk/Wikimedia Commons)

The A73 highway near Venray is currently closed towards Nijmegen as the police investigate "substances" found in a crashed car. The car collided with the guardrail during the early hours of Thursday morning. Two people were injured. The occupants of the car were arrested, NOS reports.

The police noticed the car when it sped past them on the highway at high speed. It crashed a short time later. As far as is known, no other vehicles were involved in the accident. Suspicious substances were found in the car. Exactly what substances these are, is not clear.

The occupants of the car was arrested. Why is not known. The extent of their injuries is also unclear.

Another crashed car is also standing on the highway. Regional broadcaster L1 reports that there was a second accident, after the car with suspicious substances crashed into the guardrail. This second accident involved a vehicle of the emergency services, according to the broadcaster.

The Limburg police could not confirm a second accident to NOS. 


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