Don't go crazy with climate measures, Dutch PM says

Prime Minister Mark Rutte thinks that we should not go too crazy with taking climate measures. "We still have to live a good life", he said in the Ochtend Show to go on Thursday morning, AD reports. "We still have to be able to barbecue."

Rutte was responding to questions from viewers. One questioner asked why the government wants Dutch people to pay more for clean energy, and at the same time is happy about "a polluting circus like Formula 1" being brought to Zandvoort. The Prime Minister saw no problem with that. "Of course it is polluting. But that is the difference with GroenLinks. They want us all to wear goat wool socks and live in a black-and-white photo", Rutte said.

The VVD leader also admitted that he lives in a very energy-inefficient, old house. "My house is terrible. The best thing I can do for the environment is not to be home too much, which means that I have to heat it less." He also said that he doesn't take short showers. "I'm afraid I do that too long. Then I reflect on the day."

Rutte reiterated that the Netherlands must be at the forefront internationally with its ambitions to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. But he also sees no sense in doing more than the neighboring countries. That will only cost the Netherlands jobs, as companies flee across the border, he said. "Take Tata Steel, one of the most modern steel industries in the world. We need to ensure that that company emits less CO2 without destroying it."