F1 set to return to Netherlands in five year deal; too early to celebrate, director says

The Zandvoort circuit reached a five-year agreement with the Formula One Group that will bring the Grand Prix back to the Netherlands as early as next year, magazine Motorsportweek reports based on sources. Jan Lammers, the intended sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix, calls the news premature. 

According to Motorsportweek, the first Formula 1 race at the Zandvoort circuit since 1985 will likely happen in the spring of next year. A source also confirmed this to newspaper De Limburger. The deal is expected to be officially announced next week, the newspaper writes. 

But according to Lammers, it is too early to celebrate. "That is still premature. We are on the right track, but we are still working on the details", he said to ANP on Monday. "I hope that it is a very reliable source. It is also very nice to hear these rumors. But I think they're a little bit ahead of the troops. It is not up to us to announce this. You have to do something like this carefully."

Lammers stressed that the Formula 1 is not only about Zandvoort. "They have 21 or 22 races. When everything is complete, we will probably come out with the news together. But it is not there yet. We are optimistic though."

The organization behind the Zandvoort circuit also could not confirm the Motorsportweek and De Limburger reports. Sources around the management told RTL Nieuws that the reports are premature and that talks are still ongoing.