Amersfoort scraps massive fine for leaking King's Day plans

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima
King Willem-Alexander and Queen MaximaPhoto: RVD / Patrick van Katwijk

The municipality of Amersfoort is scrapping a fine of up to 25 thousand euros for those who reveal information about the King's Day celebrations in the city later this month, mayor Lucas Bolsuis said to RTV Utrecht on Sunday.

On Saturday RTL Nieuws reported that municipal employees and volunteers who will work on the route taken by the Royal Family on April 27th were made to sign a confidentiality agreement. It stated that if they leak any information about the planned celebrations, they would be fined up to 25 thousand euros.

The confidentiality agreement was drawn up just after it was announced that King Willem-Alexander will celebrate his birthday in Amersfoort this year, Bolsuis said to RTV Utrecht. With the fine, the municipality wanted to prevent any information from leaking out before the municipality decided to release it, he said. 

On Saturday a municipal  employee said that the fine was a bit high for some people. Bolsuis now said that it would be completely scrapped. All King's Day volunteers will soon receive a letter informing them about this.