Groningen, student associations to tackle "too strong alcohol culture"

The municipality of Groningen is teaming up with the seven largest student associations in the city, including Vindicat and Albertus, to reduce alcohol consumption within the associations. There is a "too strong alcohol culture" within certain associations, and that must change, mayor Peter den Oudsten said to RTV Noord.

"For example, so much is drunk that people lie in their own vomit in the club. Or people staggering out of the club", the mayor said. He is therefore planning to make strict rules, in consultation with the student associations. He especially wants to act against excessive behavior that results from drinking and hopes for a cultural change. 

Exactly what these strict rules will entail is not yet clear, though for the time being the municipality is not looking at imposing closing times on the associations. "We can always do something with closing times, but I really do not want to. I would like to look with them in an adult way at how we can improve the situation step by step", Den Oudsten said.

The municipality expects to present concrete measures in May.