Horrible conditions at Deventer dog breeder; 100 dogs confiscated

100 dogs confiscated from a dog breeder in Deventer, 28 February 2019
100 dogs confiscated from a dog breeder in Deventer, 28 February 2019Photo: Animal Protection

Inspectors from the Netherlands' national inspection service for animal protection LID and officers from the animal police confiscated 100 dogs from a breeder in Deventer last week because of the horrible conditions the animals were kept in, Animal Protection announced on Tuesday.

During an inspection, all dogs on the premises and their lodgings were carefully examined. Health problems were soon discovered, and animal protection called in a veterinarian. The vet found several dogs with unkempt and inflamed wounds, animals with painful hip problems, unkempt and felted fur and abnormal stools. Multiple dogs were also diagnosed with Giardia, a very harmful intestinal parasite. 

An animal expert was also called in to examine the social welfare of the dogs. The expert concluded that the dogs were in bad shape. They showed a lot of stress, exhibiting behavior like crawling, urinating, vomiting and "venting out on water bowls or fencing". The younger dogs in particular showed no signs of being socialized. Many of the dogs are terrified of people, making it impossible to read their chips. 

The inspectors also found that the dogs' accommodations were seriously polluted and there was a strong smell of ammonia. The construction of most of the kennels was also not in order. For example, sharp objects protruded from many kennels on which the dogs could injure themselves.

The care of the confiscated dogs has now been taken over by government service RVO. The animals were transferred to a shelter, where they are being cared for and observed. "The lack of socialization in many of the animals is a major concern and makes their future uncertain", Animal Protection said. Behavioral research is being carried out on the dogs, so that a socialization trajectory can be set up where possible. Once this is done, the RVO will examine whether the dogs can be relocated. "In the worst case it can mean that the condition on an animal is so bad that it has to be euthanized."

The confiscated dogs include White Shepherds, Labradors, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Jack Russels, and mixed breeds. The breeder was previously reprimanded for his animals poor living conditions last year, but the situation hasn't improved.

The Public Prosecution Service is working on banning the Deventer breeder from ever breeding and selling animals again, Animal Protection said.

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