Hague gas explosion not deliberate, presumably caused by gas leak: police

Dutch emergency services in action
Dutch emergency services in action. (Photo: Dolfilms/DepositPhotos)

An explosion that leveled a housing block in The Hague in January, was not deliberately caused, the police said in a statement. After extensive investigation, the police found no indications of premeditation. Investigators "strongly take into account" that the explosion was the result of a gas leak.

The gas explosion on Jan van der Heidenstraat on January 27th leveled a building containing apartments. Ten people were injured, eight of whom were hospitalized. Firefighters rescued four people from the rubble. The first three were rescued fairly quickly. The fourth was trapped under the rubble for eight hours before rescue workers could reach him.

Over the past weeks forensic and tactical detectives conducted an extensive investigation in and around the homes affected by the explosion, also involving experts and speaking to a large number of people to get an idea of what exactly happened. "After extensive investigation no indications have emerged that could indicate the explosion was caused deliberately", the police said.

The police believe that a gas leak caused the blast. "Further investigation is being done on this."