Video: Hague gas explosion caught on surveillance camera

Brandweer fire department Volkswagen
Stock image of a Dutch fire department Volkswagen vehicle. (photo: cakifoto / DepositPhotos)

New footage surfaced of a gas explosion on an van der Heijdenstraat in The Hague that leveled a building on Sunday. The footage was recorded by a surveillance camera.

The video shows a blast with a large flame, followed by the building's facade collapsing. 

Ten people were injured in the blast, including a 28-year-old man who spent eight hours stuck under the rubble of the building. Three victims, the 28-year-old man and his two parents, are still in hospital. The younger man underwent multiple surgeries to his legs, the father is still in a medically induced coma, and the mother will undergo surgery for internal injuries on Thursday. 

Multiple homes on the street were evacuated as a precaution. The residents of 12 of those homes were allowed to return on Wednesday, after the municipality concluded that these homes were stable and safe. The residents of nine homes located next to the collapsed building will not be allowed to return home for the time being, the municipality of The Hague said on Twitter. The municipality is helping these residents find temporary accommodation.