Multiple men assaulted by snowball throwing groups

Dutch police logo
Dutch police logo. (Photo: Politie)

Four mean were assaulted by groups of young people who threw snowballs at their cars in separate incidents on Tuesday. The assaults happened in Velserbroek, Beverwijk, Vught, and Beunignen, reports.

At around 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday the police received a report of an assault in Velserbroek. A group of around eight young people threw snowballs at the car of a 51-year-old man as he drove by. When the man stopped his car and got out, he was beaten and kicked by members of the group. The victim lost consciousness and was taken to hospital with "serious injuries to his face", the police said. No suspects were arrested.

A similar incident occurred in Beverwijk on Tuesday afternoon. A 29-year-old man's car was pelted with snowballs by a group of young men. He was beaten in his face when he stopped to address them. The victim was able to get back into his car and drive away. The man pressed charges and one suspect was arrested.

A group of young people threw a ball of ice against a moving car in Vught and then used violence against the 24-year-old driver. Whether the man was seriously hurt, is not clear. Three underage suspects were arrested.

And in Beuningen a 46-year-old man was beaten in his face when he addressed a group of young people for throwing snowballs at his car. His car was also vandalized. No suspects were arrested as yet.