Trucker released in 'yellow vest' hit-and-run

Yellow Vest
A high-visibility vest, symbol of the Yellow Vests protests. (photo: Magnus Mertens / Otto Schraubinger / Wikimedia Commons)

A Landgraaf truck driver suspected of killing a "yellow vest" protester in a hit-and-run in Belgium on Friday, was released from custody. He is still a suspect, the Public Prosecutor in Liege said. The trucker is officially suspected of deliberately inflicting bodily harm without the intention of killing, NOS reports.

The man turned himself in to the Belgian police on Tuesday. He was released again later the day, after being questioned. About a dozen yellow vest protesters gathered outside the police station in Liege. According to local media, they wanted to make it clear to the man that they would not forget him.

Richard Wagemans, the lawyer representing the trucker, called the presence of the protesters at the police station "threatening". According to Wagemans, the trucker is getting security in the Netherlands, at the request of the Belgian authorities. 

The Dutch man is suspected of hitting a 50-year-old protester with his truck during a yellow vests highway blockade on the E25 between Vise and Maastricht on Friday. The protester died at the scene. According to the lawyer, this was purely an accident. The trucker did not even notice he hit someone.