Noordwest hospitals cancel surgeries, appointments due to computer outage

Hospitals of the Noordwest Ziekenhuizgroep canceled all surgeries and appointments for the time being due to a major computer outage, the organization announced on its website. Patient records are not accessible due to the outage, reports.

All appointments at outpatient clinics and supporting departments like radiology and the laboratory are canceled. The hospitals can not call patients to cancel the appointments in person, because their contact details are recorded in the inaccessible patient records. 

The disruption started around 6:30 a.m., a spokesperson said to The cause is unknown. The hospital group can also not say when the problems will be solved.

The Noordwest Ziekenhuizgroep has hospitals in Alkmaar, Den Helder, Heerhugowaard, Limmen and Schagen, as well as supporting locations in Oosterend and Almaar. All locations are affected by the outage. 


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