Brabant criminals threatened to kill police officer

Police officer holding a cannabis plant
Police officer holding a cannabis plantPhoto: Politie

Groups from the Noord-Brabant criminal underworld threatened to murder a police officer from the Zeeland-West-Brabant unit. The threatened cop is active in the fight against drug crime in Noord-Brabant, a spokesperson for the police confirmed to

The police did not say exactly what function the threaten cop holds. The 3,500 employees of the unit were informed about the threat on Wednesday. The police are investigating.

To make it clear that the police are aware of threat, discussions were held wit the criminal gangs in the area on Wednesday. No one was arrested. 

Speaking to BN De Stem, unit chief Hanneke Ekelmans called the threat an unprecedented, new escalation that illustrates the hardening of crime. "This is a deliberate, cold death threat with purely criminal motives", she said. "As far as I know, we have never experienced something like this here."