NS wants firework-free zones around rails

Fireworks in Amsterdam Oost, 31 Dec 2017
Fireworks in Amsterdam Oost, 31 Dec 2017Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

NS is calling on Dutch municipalities to implement firework-free zones along and around the railways next New Year's. Fireworks thrown against a window can give a train driver a considerable shock, which in combination with damages caused, can disrupt train traffic, NS said, NOS reports.

Over the past years NS saw the number of fireworks incidents around the railway increase from 15 in 2015, to 25 in 2016 and 50 last year. These are only the reported incidents. They range from fireworks being lit in a tunnel at a train station and causing smoke on the platform, to fireworks being thrown at trains.

NS points out that municipalities already take retirement homes and petting zoos into account when they implement firework-free zones over New Year's. The railway must also be included, according to the rail company. "We understand that enforcing firework-free zones is complicated, but it gives an important signal: Fireworks and the rail do not go together" NS director Marjan Rintel said, according to the broadcaster.