Vaccinate all 14-year-olds against Meningococcus, Health Council says

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The Dutch Health Council wants the government to add the vaccination of 14-year-olds against Meningococcus C and W to the National Vaccination Program. The vaccination of 14 month old toddlers against the bacteria is already part of the national program, but the Health Council thinks that also vaccinating teenagers will add to group immunity, RTL Nieuws reports.

"Vaccination against Meningococcus C and W is effective, has few side effects and provides group protection", the Health Council said. This year there was a once off vaccination for 14-year-olds against the bacteria, but according to the Council this is not enough. It should happen every year.

Vaccination against Meningococcus type B must not be added to the national program, the Health Council added. "It is still insufficiently known how effective that vaccine is and it can cause high fever in very young children."

The Meningococcus bacterium can cause, among other things, meningitis and blood poisoning.