Chance of snow in Netherlands this weekend

A tiny snowman in an Amsterdam garden, 10 Dec 2017
A tiny snowman in an Amsterdam garden, 10 Dec 2017Photo: Ryan Delport

Snow is heading to the Netherlands this weekend, according to Weeronline. People living in the north and east of the country have the best chance of waking up to a winter wonderland on Sunday morning. But it won't last long, the weather service warns.

The first precipitation will start in Zeeland on Saturday evening. This will be rain with maybe a bit of wet snow. Inland there will be a long period of wet snow falling, and the snow has a chance of staying on the ground in the middle, east and north of the country.

Residents of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and the east of Gelderland have the best chance of finding a snow covered landscape on Sunday morning. "If you want to build a snowman, go outside right away", Weeronline said. "In the course of the morning the precipitation will increasingly become rain."

Friday will be dry and cold, with cloud cover in the north, middle and east of the country, and some sunshine in the south and west. Maximum temperatures will climb to around 1 or 2 degrees Celsius, but due to a moderate easterly wind, it will feel between -2 and -4 degrees.

Saturday will be sunnier, but colder. Maximums will climb to just above 0 degrees, and there is a chance of an ice day with maximums below 0 in the northeast. Due to a fairly powerful southeasterly wind, ambient temperatures will feel around -5 degrees on Saturday afternoon. 


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