Twenty years in prison for 1992 Zaandam murder

Milica van Doorn, found raped and murdered in Zaanstad on 8 June 1992
Milica van Doorn, found raped and murdered in Zaanstad on 8 June 1992. (Photo: Politie)

The court in Alkmaar sentenced 47-year-old Husseyin A. to 20 years in prison for killing 19-year-old Milica van Doorn in Zaandam in 1992. The sentence matched what the Public Prosecutor demanded, NOS reports.

Milica was found dead in a pond in her home town of Zaandam in June 1992. She had been raped and murdered. Traces of DNA were found on her body, but these did not lead to a suspect at the time.

Last year, using new techniques, the police . They therefore approached 133 Turkish men who lived in the Zaandam district in 1992 where Milica's body was found to participate in a DNA kinship investigation. . Husseyin A. was among the few who didn't. because his brother participated in the DNA investigation.

"Milica must have been incredibly scared and in pain during the last moments of her life", the judge said during the ruling. A. was convicted of qualified manslaughter, in other words killing Milica to hide raping her. He was not convicted of the rape itself, because that crime is past its statute of limitations. 

A. was not in the courtroom to hear his sentence. He was brought to the court, but decided to stay in the cell there.