Dutch PM Rutte to receive British PM for "Brexit-breakfast"

British Prime Minister Theresa May is having a working breakfast with Prime Minister Mark Rutte in The Hague on Tuesday morning. May said on Monday that she wants extra promises from her European Union colleagues in the Brexit deal. She will visit many of them, starting with Rutte in the Catshuis on Tuesday, NOS reports.

The Netherlands and United Kingdom have a very good relationship, despite the Brexit plans.

On Monday the British government decided to postpone a House of Commons vote on the Brexit deal, which was made late last month after two years of negotiations. May came to the conclusion that the deal will receive insufficient support in parliament. The status of Northern Ireland and border with Ireland in particular are problems. 

By meeting with her EU colleagues again, May hopes to get commitments on those points and thereby get enough support to get the deal through the House of Commons. Several EU leaders already said that there is little more to negotiate, according to NOS. 

A no-deal Brexit will cost the Netherlands around 2.3 billion euros up to 2023, the Dutch Court of Audit said in a new report released on Monday. This involves extra money for Customs and the Dutch food and consumer product safety authority NVWA, as well as higher contributions to the EU.


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