"It will never be as beautiful as it was", Dutch PM says about Brexit

There are no winners in the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union - both the UK and the EU will suffer under the Brexit, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said. "It will never be as beautiful as it was", he said on Sunday after meeting with his EU colleagues and British Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels to formally approve the Brexit agreement, the Telegraaf reports.

Two and a half years after the Brexit referendum, the EU member states and UK finally reached a separation agreement and a political declaration on the future of the relationship. This is a trade agreement, but also includes agreements on cooperation in the field of security, among other things, according to the newspaper. According to the agreement, the United Kingdom will leave the EU on March 29th next year, after which there will be a 21 month long transitional period during which nothing will change, but negotiations will continue. 

The European Parliament and British Parliament still have to approve the current agreement. If they do not, there will either be a no-deal Brexit or the British will change their minds and stay in the EU, according to the newspaper.

Rutte said that "an acceptable package" has now been negotiated. "Given the fact that they want to get out, I think it is acceptable for the UK too. But everyone is worse off."