Rotterdam nurse to be prosecuted for 10 cases in insulin murders investigation

Vials of Insulin
Stock image showing vials of insulin. 3 November 2015. photo: Alan Levine / Flickr

Nurse Rahiied A. will be prosecuted for 10 cases in an investigation into multiple murders by insulin. The man is suspected of administering overdoses of insulin to residents of nursing homes in the Rotterdam region while he worked there as nurse. Another two suspicious deaths are still under investigation, the Public Prosecutor said during a pro-forma hearing in the case on Monday, ANP reports.

Previously the Public Prosecutor said that A. is suspected of at least seven murders and eight attempts thereto. Three cases have now been dropped. It is not clear in how many of the 10 cases A. will definitely be prosecuted for the patient died. 

While talking to the police, A. said that he deliberately gave patients insulin in two cases and once by mistake. The incidents happened between January 2016 and November 2017, when the man was arrested, according to the Public Prosecutor. A. is also facing charges of theft and forgery.

The next pro-forma hearing is scheduled for February 22nd.