Mayor calls on parents to keep their kids away from Project X party

Riot police in Haren during a Project X party on 21 September 2012
Riot police in Haren during a Project X party on 21 September 2012. (Photo: Nathan Meijer / Wikimedia Commons)

Mayor Wim Hillenaar of Cuijk called on parents to keep their teenagers away from a Project X party announced in Katwijk, which falls under the municipality of Cuijk, on Friday night. "Convince your children that they can spend Friday evening in a much more fun way than in a Brabant police cell", he said, De Gelderlander reports.

"Make it clear to them that they are not welcome. If they do come to Cuijk, the consequences can be such that they carry it with them for life", the mayor said. He emphasized again: "There is no party, there will be no party."

The municipality and police are taking all scenarios into account for Friday night and have taken multiple precautionary measures, which will be applied "strictly". What exactly the measures are, was not revealed. The municipality will only make statements about that when it is "necessary". 

"We want and have to monitor the safety of the residents of Katwijk/municipality of Cuijk and can not allow others to compromise their safety", the mayor said. "The police will act decisively against people who come to Cuijk to consciously cause unrest."