Mayor bans 'Project X' party in Katwijk

Riot police in Haren during a Project X party on 21 September 2012
Riot police in Haren during a Project X party on 21 September 2012Photo: Nathan Meijer / Wikimedia Commons

There will be no so-called Project X party in Katwijk, Mayor Wim Hillenaar of Cuijk, which covers Katwijk, announced. Measures will be taken to prevent any irregularities. On social media, thousands of young people said they were going to the party, RTL Nieuws reports.

"Given the circumstances, we can do nothing else but prepare for all scenarios", Hillenaar said. "But there is no party in Katwijk and there will be no party in Katwijk. People from outside Cuijk who come here with bad intentions will be stopped."

According to the municipality, a young girl's innocent Facebook announcement about a party on Friday was hijacked. Over 15 thousand people indicated that they would come to the party by Wednesday afternoon, and the number just kept increasing. On WhatsApp groups, agreements were made to arrange transport and bring alcohol. Facebook has since taken the event offline.

The municipality is in close contact with the police, who are alert tot he situation.

In 2012 a Project X party got completely out of hand in Haren. Thousands of young people flocked to the Groningen town after a public Facebook invitation for a girl's 16th birthday party. The party degenerated into violence, vandalism and arson, according to the broadcaster. 

Project X is a movie made in 2012 about three high school pupils who tried to make their mark by throwing a massive party.