New Year's fireworks have Dutch divided: men for, women against

The Netherlands' tradition of letting consumers light fireworks over New Year's has the Dutch population properly divided. The majority of Dutch men want to keep this tradition, while the majority of Dutch women are in favor of fireworks bans, according to a survey newspaper AD conducted among over 157 thousand people. 

According to the newspaper, 65 percent of all men are against a fireworks ban in their municipality, while 61 percent of women are for such a ban.

When asked why they are against a ban, 72 percent of men said they like lighting fireworks themselves because it is fun and tradition. This sentiment is also among the women who are against a ban - 43 percent of them like lighting fireworks.

58 percent of female respondents said they'd prefer to exchange consumer fireworks for a central fireworks show. 62 percent of men are against doing this.

Ultimately a small majority of 54 percent of respondents are against banning consumer fireworks.