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Nov 23 '18 08:58

The Netherlands' tradition of letting consumers light fireworks over New Year's has the Dutch population properly divided. The majority of Dutch men want to keep this tradition, while the majority of Dutch women are in favor of fireworks bans, according to a survey newspaper AD conducted among over 157 thousand people. 

According to the newspaper, 65 percent of all men are against a fireworks ban in their municipality, while 61 percent of women are for such a ban.

Fireworks debris
Dec 26 '17 08:25

The annual hotline for reporting fireworks problems opened on Christmas day. By 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, over 2,500 complaints were received.

The hotline is an initiative by 30 local GroenLinks factions, including those in Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen. The hotline was first launched six years ago. GroenLinks uses complaints received to map areas where fireworks cause the most problems, and to support their call for banning consumer fireworks.

Dec 14 '16 10:55

The municipality of Hilversum is allowed to ban the lighting of fireworks in part of the city center over New Year's, the Council of State ruled on Wednesday. This ruling by the highest court in the Netherlands means that no further appeals are possible, reports.

Nov 20 '15 12:55

The administrative court in Hilversum ruled that the mayor and aldermen can ban fireworks from the city center this year. Mayor Pieter Broertjes is very happy with the ruling.

Apr 30 '15 10:40

On Thursday the fire department and the police will be pleading for a fireworks ban in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament.

Jan 2 '15 09:00

Alkmaar Mayor Piet Bruinooge (CDA) is calling on the government for a general fireworks ban. "For me it is over and out with the fireworks", he said to NOS.

Dec 19 '14 14:32

The court in Utrecht ruled that fireworks may be fired in the center of Hilversum this year. According to the court, the municipality made a procedural error when setting up the fireworks ban.

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Oct 13 '14 11:57

Fireworks vendors will no longer sell “baby rocket”, small fireworks that are popular with children because they are cheap.

Mar 11 '14 15:09

The four major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, want to limit the time in which fireworks may be sold and set off. They addressed the issue with Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice in a joint letter, according to De Telegraaf.

Jan 3 '14 04:36

The Dutch Public Prosecution (OM) wants a ban on heavy fireworks. In October 2011 the OM already addressed the issue in a letter to the Ministry of Security and Justice.

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