Footage released of Amsterdam hand grenade throwers

The police released footage of the detonation of a hand grenade at a liquor store in Amsterdam Zuidoost, and a shooting and hand grenade being thrown at a home in Diemen. Investigators believe that the two incidents may be connected, AT5 reports.

The incident at the liquor store on Karspeldreef happened during the early hours of June 6th. The footage shows that the suspect went through a lot of trouble to break the store's window. He first threw a manhole cover at the window, and then switched to a hand grenade. The suspect visibility struggled to get the pin out of the hand grenade. The man was wearing a black rain suit with hood, a black cap, black gloves an black shoes at the time. 

During the early hours of June 29th, a house on Trekschuit in Diemen was shot at. Surveillance camera footage shows two men at the home at around 3:15 a.m. One of them fired multiple shots at the home. The other threw a grenade at the house. Both men then fled. The grenade did not detonate. The man who shot at the house was had something dark covering his face, wore a slightly lighter jacket with a hood, pants and dark shoes. The grenade thrower was wearing light face covering, a dark hooded vest, lighter trousers with a reflective surface on the left thigh, and dark shoes. 

The police are also looking for a man suspected of watching one of the victims in the above-mentioned incidents. This man has tanned skin, a normal posture, long dark hair and a beard, and is between 20 and 30 years old.