Dutch paramedics to wear bulletproof vests

Ambulance personnel throughout the Netherlands will soon be equipped with bullet- and stab proof vests and helmets, based on advice from Ambulancezorg Nederland. The vests are intended to better protect paramedics in dangerous conditions and terror situations, NOS reports.

The paramedics will not be obliged to always wear the protective clothing, they can assess the situation themselves. According to Ambulancezorg Nederland, they have no recorded incidents in the past where paramedics needed bulletproof vests.

The ambulance service in Zuid-Limburg will be the first in the Netherlands to be equipped with protective clothing. "We can not close our eyes to the terrorist threats in the countries around us", a spokesperson said to 1Limburg. "It's getting closer."

All 150 employees will receive tailor-made vests, according to 1Limburg. A company in Deventer will make the vests before the end of the year. The ambulance service also advises staff to wear the vests at big events. 

The other regional ambulance services also indicated that they will purchase vests and helmets for their employees, according to NOS. 


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