Kids left behind at train station as doors trap mom inside

Hurried mom forgets her kids at Amersfoort station, 28 Oct 2018
Hurried mom forgets her kids at Amersfoort station, 28 Oct 2018Photo: NS Veiligheid & Service / Facebook

Update: New information provided by the NS states the mother was assisting a family member and accidentally trapped, but did not leave her kids in a frenzied lapse of memory. This story was update to reflect the new information.

A hurried mom left behind something very important at an Amersfoort station platform on Sunday - her two children. The mother entered the train helping a family member with their baggage, when the train suddenly departed. She quickly realized that her kids were still standing on the station platform.

"We see it every day, travelers who are in a hurry or busy and sometimes seem to forget everything..." NS Veligheid & Service said in an initial post on Facebook. "It is now clear that she was helping fellow travelers with luggage. She is thus absolutely blameless. But all's well that ends well. We were able to reunite mother and children quickly," the group said in an updated statement on Instagram.

The conductor of the train in question took care of the mother, rapidly communicating with security to keep watch over the kids. The children were taken to a heated room, where NS gave them a snack and a soft drink. Meanwhile, the conductor made sure that the mother could get back to Amersfoort and her children free of charge. 

"Mother was very happy with our reception and they continued their journey together", NS said.