Institutionalized psych treatment for stalking police chief

A 46-year-old woman from Gouda was sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric treatment for stalking National Police Chief Erik Akerboom and his wife. The court in The Hague considered it proven that the woman sent the couple over 2,500 threatening emails. They sometimes received 50 per day, NOS reports.

In one email she wrote: "Do not come near me in my neighborhood Erik, because I will really break you". Another read: "No, I will not give you an extra day. Can I kill you or just wait like your predecessor?"

The woman, Ruby-Ann B., denied writing the emails. In a confused argument in court two weeks ago she accused Akerboom of sending the threatening emails to himself. 

The court agreed with the Public Prosecutor that the woman can not be held accountable due to her mental state. Like the Prosecutor demanded, she was sentenced to institutionalized psychiatric treatment for a maximum of four years.

The woman refused to speak to psychiatrists, but the Pieter Baan Center observed her and concluded that the woman suffers from schizophrenia and autistic disorders.


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