Cold autumn weather heading to the Netherlands

Autumn leaves (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David L Ellis)Autumn leaves (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/David L Ellis)

Time to get out your winter coat, according to Weeronline. Cold air from Scandinavia means cold autumn weather for the Netherlands this weekend. On Sunday and Monday maximum temperatures will stay below 10 degrees, the weather service expects.

Thursday and Friday will be cloudy and rainy, with maximums of around 15 degrees expected for Thursday and around 13 degrees for Friday. From Saturday it will cool down. With maximums of around 11 degrees expected, Saturday will be the first day since late September that temperatures in the Netherlands are below what is usual for the time of year. There will be some showers, especially in the coastal provinces, but the sun will break through every now and again.

On Sunday a harsh northeast wind will rise throughout the country. Cold air from Scandinavia will reach the Netherlands, bringing with it lower temperatures. Maximums of between 5 and 9 degrees are expected - over 5 degrees lower than normal. Like Saturday, cloud fields and rain will give way to sunshine every now and then.

Monday and Tuesday will still be cold for the time of year. During the nights frost may even appear. During the day, sunshine will alternate with some showers.

The cold weather will not last long. From Wednesday significantly milder weather is expected with temperatures rising to 15 degrees.