Rotterdam subway station evacuated over asbestos

Entrance to subway station Stadhuis in Rotterdam
Entrance to subway station Stadhuis in RotterdamPhoto: T Houdijk / Wikimedia Commons

Subway station Stadhuis in Rotterdam was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after asbestos was released during construction work. The station is still completely closed and no subways are running through it. Rotterdam public transit company RET calls on travelers who were in the station on Tuesday to report to the company, RTL Nieuws reports.

The asbestos was discovered late on Tuesday morning. RET was notified at 1:30 p.m. and evacuated and closed down the station immediately, for the safety of passengers and employees. RET is investigating "the consequences of possible exposure" for travelers and employees who were at the station after the asbestos was released. Passengers who traveled through Stadhuis station on Tuesday are called to report via

The station will be closed until at least Friday. Buses and special trams will transport travelers between Beurs subway station and Rotterdam Central Station. 

The closure of the station isn't causing much extra crowds in the city. Due to the autumn holidays, there are currently less travelers than usual. 

The subway station is currently being renovated, to make the station bigger and create additional emergency exits, according to the broadcaster.