Bankruptcy looms for two Dutch hospitals

Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons)Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam (Photo: Arch/Wikimedia Commons)

The MC Slotervaart hospital in Amsterdam and the MC IJsselmeer hospitals in Lelystad and surroundings filed for deferment of payment. Health insurer Zilveren Kruis and most other health insurers stopped financing for the hospitals. "Bankruptcy may be inevitable", a spokesperson said, reports.

The employees and patients of both hospitals will be informed of the current situation on Tuesday. Patient care is guaranteed. "This is a statutory task for health insurers. Patients currently treated in both hospitals can rely on adequate care", the spokesperson said to the newspaper.

"Both hospitals are in financial trouble because of the high hiring costs of staff in a situation of large labor shortages", the spokesperson explained. "In the past few days it has become apparent that the insurers no longer have confidence in a healthy financial future."


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