Woman caught bringing snake into Amsterdam casino

Snake found in woman's bag at a casino in Amsterdam, Oct 2018
Snake found in woman's bag at a casino in Amsterdam, Oct 2018. (Photo: Politie Amsterdam Centrum-Jordaan / Facebook)

When the Amsterdam Centrum-Jordaan police were called in to a casino in the area earlier this week, the thought they were to deal with a difficult customer. But at the scene, the situation turned out to be quite different - they had to deal with a massive snake.

"At the bag check a woman appeared to be carrying something very strange with her. She had a huge snake in her bag!! Not really something to walk around in public with in the evening hours", the police said on Facebook. 

The casino workers did not know what to do, so they called the police. Responding officers also didn't know how to deal with this situation, so they in turn called in a dog handler. "Dog handlers are often better specialized on animals and animal legislation", the police explained. The dog handler eventually told the woman to go home immediately, and to take her snake with her.

The woman told the cops that she had the snake with her because she had to take it to a friend's performance in the neighborhood. On the way to the performance, however, she decided to make a quick stop at the casino. She wanted to cash out a ticket she forgot about before.