Dutch gov't invests €100 million extra for education

Over the next five years the Dutch government will invest 20 million euros per year into improving education in developing countries, Minister Sigrid Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation announced at the United Nations in New York. "Education is one of the priorities of my policy. It offers women and young people opportunities for better work and a decent income", she said, NOS reports.

The Netherlands' investment is mainly focused on vulnerable groups like refugees and displaced people in their own country. The money will go to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). A total of 100 million euros will be investment.

Last month singer Rihanna, an ambassador for GPE, asked the Dutch government to invest 100 million dollars in education. The government invested even more - 100 million euros is over 117 million dollars.

A spokesperson for Minister Kaag emphasized to NOS that the Minister's decision was not influenced by Rihanna's request. The 100 million euros investment in GPE is "an independent decision by the Minister", the spokesperson said.

Kaag also announced that the government is giving 15 million euros to an organization that is committed to improving access to good education for children and young people in crisis areas. And nearly 60 million euros will be spent on improving healthcare for women. "It is essential for girls that they can decide for themselves whether and when they have children, and how many", Kaag said. This was also a priority for Kaag's predecessor Lilianne Ploumen, who launched the She Decides fund after the United States pulled funding for family planning.