Chinese tourists targeted in fake cop robberies

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New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)

Authorities in the picturesque village of Giethoorn are trying to track down reports of fake police officers luring and robbing Chinese tourists. Police say they are looking to speak with any victims and witnesses of similar robberies.

Police say they are trying to track down two or three light complected young men with dark hair. The suspects have used a dark colored four-door sedan, not a hatchback, in the robberies. Each robbery took place in the afternoon, but police did not specify the dates of the crimes.

Authorities are hopeful that the vehicle has been seen in use around Giethoorn. On Facebook, a spokesperson regretted not being able to release more information about the suspects and the vehicle.

Anyone with information can file a report on the police department's Facebook pages, or by calling 0900-8844. Police have assigned report number 2018407778 to the case.

Tens of thousands of Chinese tourists visit Giethoorn every year to view its intricate waterways and scenic neighborhoods. The Overijssel town has a population below 3,000, and is mostly car-free.

In Giethoorn zijn afgelopen tijd Chinese toeristen beroofd door nepagenten. Deze nepagenten in burger...

Geplaatst door Politie Steenwijkerland op Zondag 23 september 2018