First autumn storm to hit Netherlands on Sunday

Wind knocks over bikes in Amsterdam
Heavy winds caused bikes to topple over in Amsterdam Centrum. January 3, Zack Newmark / NL Times

A large autumn storm will hit the Netherlands on Sunday, Buienradar expects. Wind gusts of over 100 kilometers per hour can be expected. "The storm also brings a ot of rain with it, so stay indoors with cake and soup", Nicolien Kroon of Buienradar said to RTL Nieuws.

"It seems we can prepare for wind force 8 or 9", Kroon said. "The chance that trees will fall over is greater, because they are all still in leaf because of the beautiful summer."

The storm is the result of 'Medicane', a hurricane in the Mediterranean. It is already causing bad weather in Italy. "It's really a little hurricane, not comparable with, for example, Hurricane Florence in the US", Kroon said. "But it is code red on Sardina. That is mainly due to the rain. There is a stormy wind of up to 75 kilometers per hour."