Cop punished for mocking female colleague in Sinterklaas poem

Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa). (Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa))

A police officer who ridiculed a female colleague in front of 140 fellow cops during a Christmas party last year, is guilty of dereliction of duty and has to hand in 16 hours of leave, the court in Maastricht ruled. Dressed as Sinterklaas, the officer mocked his colleague's failed relationship in a poem and song, NOS reports.

The officer called his female colleague on stage and read her this poem, translated from Dutch: "On the work floor you wanted to build something with a colleague. A colleague who was about to get married. Like everyone knows it did not work out and your dreams were shattered. You've been cursing and shouting and ranting, but will still have to celebrate Christmas alone this year." The officer also sang her a song about a lonely Christmas and gave her tissues to dry her tears.

According to the court, this was a disrespectful manner in which to speak of a failed relationship and can not be tolerated. It was a painful private matter, which the officer handled inappropriately, even if it was an open secret in the police station. The court therefore ruled that the police chief rightly revoked 16 hours of the officer's leave as a disciplinary punishment.