Fewer Dutch vacationed abroad due to hot summer

The beach in Vrouwenpolder, Zeeland. Source: Flickr/d_vdm

The warm and dry weather in the Netherlands resulted in fewer Dutch going on summer holiday abroad. In June 8 percent and July 5.5 percent fewer people booked a holiday through a travel agency, compared to the same months last year, sector organization ANVR said, NOS reports.

"In good weather people think: we'll wait a bit longer to book. And when people do book, it's much more impulsive", Mirjam Dresme of the ANVR said to the broadcaster. "It's mainly people without children who do this." According to Dresme, it's better for travel agencies' wallets if it rains in the preseason. 

Spain saw the biggest decrease in Dutch tourists this summer, with 20 percent fewer holidays booked. 

The number of domestic holidays increased. In July the number of bookings for a holiday destination in the Netherlands increased by 6.7 percent, compared to the same month last year.